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PTSD and Hypnotherapy

Gavin Blackman

What is PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health problem you may develop  after experiencing a traumatic event. 

What Are The Signs Of PTSD?

Below are some common signs and symptoms of PTSD you may recognise. Everyone’s experience is different so you may experience some, all or none of these signs and symptoms ie:

  • Reliving aspects of what happened
  • Alertness or feeling on edge
  • Avoiding feelings or memories
  • Difficult beliefs or feelings

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Each person’s experience of PTSD is unique to them. You might have experienced a similar type of trauma to someone else and yet be affected in different ways. I will therefore work with you to first understand what exactly is your own experience of PTSD and how this manifests itself and agree with you what positive outcome(s) you want  from working with me using hypnotherapy.

I can then explain the relevant techniques that will suit you best and we can agree on the way forward ie to agree:

  • The number of sessions you may need or we can just proceed one session at a time – it is entirely up to you
  • Whether or not some self-hypnosis between sessions and/or after the sessions have ended would be beneficial for you
  • Whether or not some additional work between sessions that you can do yourself would help your progress in dealing with your issue(s)

Rest assured that by collaborating and working together, we can achieve the positive changes you are looking for.

What Next?

People can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for a number of reasons and they struggle to live with PTSD. The good news is Hypnotherapy can help. Please contact me to have an initial FREE discussion to help you understand how Hypnotherapy can help you to manage your PTSD. I am based in Winchester; however, Hypnotherapy works just as effectively on-line as well as in person.

E: [email protected] P: 07955 708647 W: https://gavinbhypno.com

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