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Corporate Hypnotherapy Services

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, employers were becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to ensure their employees are supported to help maintain their mental health.

Not only does managing employees wellbeing have a positive wider societal effect, for example less reliance on NHS mental health services, but employees with healthy minds are more likely to be more productive and less absent from the workplace, for example, due to sickness.

My corporate hypnotherapy services are designed and delivered for the individual needs of the employing organisation plus the collective and individual needs of the employees.

1 to 1 Sessions

As part of an organisations Employee Assistance Programme (or equivalent), I provide 1 to 1 sessions to employees to help them manage whatever personal issues they are currently dealing with. This will involve:

  • Completion of a pre-session questionnaire by the employee
  • Explaining how hypnotherapy works
  • Putting the employee into hypnosis (only with their consent)
  • Teaching the employee self-hypnosis techniques that can be used after the session
Team Sessions

My session can be used either as a team building exercise or to provide some techniques for the team to manage their individual mental health needs or a combination of the two.

  • The team building can involve some fun with hypnosis suggestibility tests, then some mental games for individuals/teams and then some general wellbeing tips and ideas
  • Managing the team’s mental health will involve explaining how hypnotherapy works, teaching self-hypnosis, providing the employees with some hypnotherapy techniques they can use themselves plus some general wellbeing tips and ideas
Specific Global Mobility Sessions

Due to my extensive experience of working in the Global Mobility arena, I have a unique insight into the challenges that employees and their families face when they are sent on an international assignment. I can discuss any concerns that the employee and their family have regarding the international assignment and I will use the 1 to 1 sessions above to help the employee and their family manage their concerns.

My support can continue once they are on their international assignment as all my hypnotherapy techniques can be deployed on-line.


As each session is designed and delivered for the individual needs of the employing organisation plus the collective and individual needs of the employees, then my fees for this need to be discussed and agreed in advance and can be as an hourly rate, day rate or one fee for the services required.

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