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Education and Hypnotherapy Services

As well as wanting to have a successful and profitable hypnotherapy business, I also have a strong desire to use my hypnotherapy services to help in the wider community.

One way to do this it seems to me is to spend this time I am giving in the education sector.

I use various techniques I have learned from practicing hypnotherapy to help pupils, students and teachers manage any issues they are facing either individually and/or collectively.

I am happy to provide these services at times and dates that suit the children, students and teachers. For example, during school/college/university time, after school, in school holidays….whatever is the most convenient for the children, students and teachers.


All of the sessions below are free of charge.

Classroom sessions (children ages 11-17)

I will first have some fun with the children by doing a few “suggestibility Tests” with them; basically these tests determine how susceptible an individual is to hypnosis (the children will not be hypnotised). I will then conduct a discussion with the children around mental health ie:

  • The importance of looking after your mental health and how to do this
  • How to notice if your own or someone else’s mental health is deteriorating
  • How to support each other

I will discuss and agree the details of the classroom session with teachers in advance of the session.

Seminars (Students 18+ years of age)

In my seminar I explain the science behind hypnotherapy and how it works. I have some fun with suggestibility tests and then I ask for a couple of volunteers to be hypnotised (with their consent) during which I demonstrate some techniques to help with memory and exam performance. I also discuss techniques such as self-hypnosis that can help the students manage their mental health


Teachers face unique challenges due to the nature of their role in our education establishments and in society as a whole. These unique challenges can result in teachers st some points(s) in their careers feeling anxious and stressed.

I work with teachers either on a 1 to 1 basis and/or in group sessions to:

  • Explain what hypnotherapy is and how it works
  • Teach some hypnotherapy techniques to help manage stress and anxiety (or anything else I am asked to consider in the 1 to 1 and /or group sessions)
  • Teach some self-hypnosis techniques
  • Provide “homework” so the positive outcomes are sustained after my session

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