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Not For Profit (NFP Sector)

In my experience, the benefits of hypnotherapy are not widely known, and I want to change that

Hypnotherapy for the Not For Profit Sector

In my experience, the benefits of hypnotherapy are not widely known, and I want to change that. Hypnotherapy, combined with other wellbeing and mindfulness exercises, is a natural solution to many issues people face in their Lives.

I will use various techniques I have learned from practicing hypnotherapy plus the experience from my corporate background, to help people working in and/or being supported by the Not For Profit (NFP) sector whether that is: NHS, charities, social care or any other NFP entities.


Given the cost constraints this sector faces, I will provide introductory sessions free of charge and subsequent sessions at discounted rates.


I can organise sessions to suit an organisation’s needs and I will discuss and agree the format, content, and length of the session with the organisation in advance of the session. The sessions can be conducted F2F or virtually and some examples of items that can be included in these sessions include:

  • Some history of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis
  • The science behind Hypnotherapy
  • Debunking some myths surrounding Hypnosis
  • What is Hypnotherapy
  • How does Hypnotherapy help people make positive Life changes
  • Team building exercises
  • Explaining surprising things Hypnotherapy can help with
  • Combining Hypnotherapy with other Wellbeing techniques
  • Suggestibility exercises (fun exercises to show how susceptible someone is to hypnosis)

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